Welcome To Dr Dharti’s Total Healthcare

We at Dr. Dharti’s Total Healthcare provide complete consultation through telephone. We take complete case history of the patient, which is analysed and a suitable personalized medicine is prescribed and dispatched at your doorsteps. We have a panel of expert doctors, who work tirelessly to understand the root cause of the ailment and cure you completely!

What is Dr Dharti’s Total Healthcare

Our Company Mission
To provide treatments and reach out to patients across the country, where doctors are not available. To cure chronic ailments where modern medicines fail to cure. We have taken up the challenge of reaching out and curing the masses thus making doctor’s available “Just a Phone call away”

Our Philosophy
We think that any chronic ailment if cured from its root cause a person can be relieved from pain. The medication we provide is purely based on Homeopathy, Ayurveda and Herbal medicines only and we treat only on root cause. 
Our Promise
Since we treat patients only on root cause, our treatments are of longer duration typically from 3 months to 1 year. If medication is taken religiously we assure that the patient can be relieved from pain and will be cured to a great extent..
Dial a Doctor
 Our unique service, where patients can call and consult us. We take complete case history of the patient and suggest suitable medication, which is delivered to their doorsteps.

Our Unique Strenght

Panel of Experienced Doctors 85%
Discussion of the case within the Panel of Doctors 90%
Customized medicine based on case to case 85%
Available – “Just a Call Away” 95%

Meet the Expert

Dr Dharti Amula
Dr Dharti AmulaB.H.M.S, M.D(AM), DNHE
Dr.Dharti has graduated from SMPSK college, Nashik university, with a very bright academic background. She has been a Scholarship Student through out her academics. She has also done Masters in Alternative Medicine (Calcutta University) and Diploma in Nutrition and Health Education (IGNOU). With the help of excellence in her field she is a prominent speaker in various interview shows in television. She is also a medical consultant with Careworld TV (Asia’s only heatlhcare channel) and has been part of many Health Education Programes

She follows the principles of Classical Homoeopathy from last 6 years and has pioneered in this field. She is also a Consultant Nutritionist and recently enhanced her skills in Skin Aesthetics and Weight Management. With help of skin cosmetic making knowledge, she has helped many to get Skin Solutions according To their skin tone. With Unique Weight loss Programmes and Homoeopathic treatment, She encouraged many patients to get rid of excess weight and gain confidence.