What is Dr Dharti's Total Healthcare and its Dial a Doctor Service?
Dr Dharti’s Total Healthcare has started with the unique concept known as Dial a Doctor. A patient can Email us or Call us on our numbers and avail doctor’s advice Free of Cost. Patients can also take a treatment and order for medicines, which will be delivered to their (patients) doorsteps. We charge only if a patient avails a treatment.
How is Dr Dhartis Total Healthcare different from other doctors, clinics and hospitals
We have observed that most patients suffering from Chronic Ailments have taken treatments from different Pathys (Primarily Alopathy) in order to find immediate relief. However, in spite of prolonged treatments and medication the patient still suffers from the ailment as the ailment is not completely cured from its root cause. It is this problem that we are trying to address. Most of our treatments are for longer duration and we treat only on the root cause of the Disease.
Why would one use Dr Dharti's Total healthcare or its Dial a Doctor service
Dial a Doctor our unique service makes us different from other doctors. In this busy life, where people have very limited time for their family, it becomes very difficult to take appointments, remain in long queues and spend time at clinics and hospitals. We have tried to eliminate and address this issue. A patient or (patients relative) can avail our service and stay in touch with our doctor directly and can order the medication at doorsteps.
What will happen to the prescriptions and other medical reports, which we have taken from our earlier doctors?
We will definitely need all of those reports if it is available as it will enable us to understand the severity of the ailment and understand the patients case better. It will also help us understand if we will be able to provide treatment or it is an operative or surgical case. You can scan and email us the reports.
What should we do if a Doctor does not pick up the phone?
Normally this will not happen, however in such a case just drop an SMS giving your name and ailment and our doctor will call you back once he is free. Alternatively you can also drop an email or submit a request on our “Contact Us” page on our website.
How can we consult the doctor?
The Patient or his/her relative can call up the doctor or drop an email. The doctor will take complete case history and background of the patient to assess the ailment and suggest suitable medicines accordingly.

Note – Please be patient to answer all the queries to the doctor correctly, a lot of questions will be asked which needs to be answered correctly, to enable the doctor to understand the ailment and find a suitable remedy properly.

Do you treat all types of patients? what if the treatment is not available after consulting the doctor?
We will be providing treatment only if the doctor is able to assess the ailment. In case if the patient needs to undergo a surgery or it is an ailment with no cure, the doctor will suggest a suitable course of action and no treatment will be provided from our end.
How can a patient pay for the treatment?
The patient can pay either by depositing the cash/cheque into our bank a/c or by way of Cash on Delivery (COD). The bank details are given on the “Contact us” page on our website.

Note – It takes more time to deliver a COD parcel. Medicines sent through a normal courier are delivered much faster.

What is a COD service how is it different from normal parcel?
If a patient makes a payment upfront either by depositing cash or cheque in our Bank A/c, we will immediately dispatch the medicines by our courier service. However, if payment is NOT done upfront then during delivery of medicines patient can give money to the Postman and collect the parcel. This service is known as COD service.

Note - This service is applicable only in India.

How medicines will be dispatched and how long does it take?
We have a tie up with major courier services and with Indian Postal Service. Medicines will be delivered to your doorsteps within 4 to 5 days in case of courier service and 8 to 10 days in case of Indian postal service.

Note – The delivery time is more and may go upto 20 to 30 days in case of eastern states like Orissa, Assam, Tripura, Mizoram.

Can we cancel the medicine after taking consultation and have asked the doctor to dispatch the medicines?
We normally call up the patient before dispatching the medicine the patient can inform us regarding cancelation. However, in case if a patient changes the mind later and decides not to take medicines from us then, he/she needs to immediately contact our doctor and inform within 24 hrs. However, if the medicines are already dispatched then it cannot be cancelled.

Note – In case of COD where the patient rejects to accept the medicines without prior intimation to us, we blacklist their numbers and such patients will not be entertained again and will not be able to avail our services.

What is the content of the medicine or treatment?
The contents of the medicines may vary based upon case to case, we provide treatments based on Homeopathy, Ayurveda and other Herbal medicines. We also provide diet charts, our custom made prash, which needs to be taken as suggested by doctors.

Note – The medication is customized and is strictly for intended patient only. It should not be consumed by any other person unless otherwise told by the doctor.

Is your service available outside India?
Yes, we have given treatments to people residing in Middle east (Dubai, Riyad, Oman), Australia and some parts of USA. However patients cannot use our COD service due to difference in currencies. The only option in such case is to do an online fund transfer and medicines will be couriered using our international courier service.