What is Galvanic Facial?

Galvanized facial is a facial therapy that helps in facelift and rejuvenating skin. It is a hand held device that produces electric currents with negative and positive ions that help in removing dirt and dead skin from the surface of the face and neck area.

It is a Direct Current and works on the basic laws of polarity, ”The same poles repel and opposite poles attract each other.”

The Facial Treatment Includes 2 process:

  1. IontoPhoresis
  2. Desincrustation

galvanicIn Iontophoresis process, penetration of serum or cream takes place into the surface of the skin. This happens by means of electric current a form of electro-osmosis.

It also reduces the oiliness of the skin for those prone to acne while helping to clean the congestion. As it is directly absorbed by the skin, it gives a youthful, healthy and vibrant glow to the skin.

Desincrustation is a deep cleansing process that softens the skin and eliminates all the dirt’s and oils from surface of the skin. This process can be used after cleansing the face or after steam. Depending on the area to be treated and skin type, the process should be taken only for 4 to 5 minutes.

How Galvanic Facial Therapy Works

The galvanic hand piece is used to direct a galvanic current of ions directly into the skin. These positive and negative ions act like a magnet on top of the skin’s surface, and deincrustation helps to remove the debris and dirt from surface of the skin. Iontophoreis will slowly push the product lying on the skin’s surface down into the deeper layers. The skin can then absorb the treatment within seconds after the galvanic, resulting in firm and tighten of the skin. Most sessions last for just 20 minutes, but if combined with a full facial treatment can last up to an hour.

Galvanic Treatment


Key Benefits of Galvanic Facial Therapy

Galvanic facial therapy is considered to be a complete skin rejuvenating and reconditioning treatment and is suitable for all skin types. It can be used to:

  1. Healing Acne scars
  2. Wrinkle or Fine Lines
  3. Get rid of Superficial Scars
  4. Buff and Tone up the skin
  5. Reduce Puffy Eyebags or the appearance of Dark Circles
  6. Tighten up loose skin
  7. Getting an Even Skin Tone
  8. As an Antioxidant Treatment