Direct High frequency is an advanced facial Skin treatment which benefits most skin types, and helps clear up skin conditions such as acne and hormonal breakouts, blemishes. This treatment is highly recommended for teenagers and middle aged females as it helps to maintain Elasticity of the skin and helps in process of Rejuvenation.

How does Direct High frequency work?

When performing a Direct High Frequency facial you use a glass mushroom electrode filled with either neon or argon gas. As the High frequency current is passed down the electrode an oxygen pocket is created between the electrode and the skin causing the oxygen to become unstable and turn into ozone. This direct current helps dry out spots and has an antibacterial effect, so is good for oilier skins or those with a few specific acne blemishes.


Direct High Frequency Mushroom electrode

What are the effects of Direct High Frequency?

Direct High Frequency is really good for people with oily and combination skins and people who have pimples and blemishes. It has a drying and germicidal effect so it helps calm down acne faster and prevents it from spreading over the face.


Procedure of Direct High Frequency:

When performing a Direct high frequency facial, both the client and the expert must remove all jewellery and metal on themselves. Face has to be cleaned with a cleanser and then with a dry gauze. Then by applying the Conductive Gel (which is necessary according to Skin type) is applied all over the Face and neck. The electrode is then turned on, and is moved in slow circular motions around your face covering the whole surface of the skin. If you have oily skin your treatment will go for 8-10 minutes, and if you have dry skin your treatment will go for 4-5 minutes. For deep acne and blemishes, the electrode should be kept on the Spots for 2-3 Minutes. Any tightening face pack or hydrating face pack can be applied after the process.

For Best Results this treatment is recommended every week for about 8-10 sessions

How much does it cost?

A direct High Frequency facial can range from 700 -1200 Rs/- per treatment, and it is recommended that anyone who is treating a problem such as acne or oily skin to receive this treatment once a week for 10 sessions. It is recommended for everyone else to receive this facial treatment once every two weeks for 10 sessions.

What are the side effects?

One of the main side effects are sparking- getting a slight shock similar to one when you touch a car door or something metal. Another side effect to this treatment is only felt by those people who have fillings, as a metal taste is produced in your mouth when the electrode is on your skin. It is bearable.

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